On Tuesday, Governor Jay Inslee ordered a second 30 day special session. In his press conference announcement, the Governor urged lawmakers to identify new funding for education without relying on the capital gains tax proposed by House Democrats, or a property tax swap favored by Senate Republicans. This follows a Senate hearing and floor vote early in the first special session which saw tax proposals from House Democrats on a capital gains tax and a change to the state’s business and occupation tax go down in a symbolic 0 aye, 48 no vote. Instead, Governor Inslee suggested lawmakers consider an internet sales tax, real estate excise tax reform, and a carbon tax, along with closing loopholes. The two sides remain at odds in the budget discussions, however there were calls for optimism that a deal could eventually be reached from Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler, and Speaker of the House Frank Chopp, among others. Meanwhile, State School Superintendent Chris Reykdal unveiled his Long-Term Vision for K-12 Education and McCleary Framework. The deadline for candidates to file for office for the November 2017 election was May 19th. Among other announcements, Senator Bob Hasegawa and Representative Jessyn Farrell have filed for Mayor of Seattle.