Transportation infrastructure projects that the state embarks on now will need to be cost efficient, more resilient, lower carbon and take into account a more complex set of challenges including air and water quality. 

In this webinar, news-making retired civil engineer Bob Ortblad and Former CEO of INCA Engineers Shiv Batra join WaBA co-founder David Giuliani to discuss the concept of an Immersed Tube Tunnel as an innovative approach to replacing the West Seattle bridge. 

Showcasing innovation and unique ideas is part of the entrepreneurial spirit which guides the Washington Business Alliance. Join us for this webinar and stay connected as we bring you more exciting ideas for the state’s transportation future.


  • David Giuliani: Co-founder: Low Carbon Prosperity Institute and Washington Business Alliance 
  • Bob Ortblad: Civil Engineer, Retired
  • Shiv Batra: Former CEO of INCA Engineers